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Ports and Passes is a popular tide and current book encompassing the areas from Olympia, WA to Glacier Bay, AK.  This annual publication has quickly become a favourite among boaters in the Pacific Northwest.  Our website, portsandpasses.com, is maintained to promote this publication and communicate with readers.  Through this website, we were able to test-market the new Current Atlas Tables, which is now entering its tenth year of print publication.

Ports and Passes has the tide and current tables for Washington and BC. Each area of tide or current prediction has a corresponding reference chart and the major harbours have a list of services available. Most of them are within walking distance to a marina.





The Current Atlas Table is a simple and inexpensive companion to the Canadian Current Atlas.

Now you can quickly determine the correct reference chart in the Canadian Current Atlas using this simple booklet.





The Skipper's Logbook includes 100 daily journal pages, which means that it will meet most people’s needs for a full boating season. The daily journal pages have spaces to record all the details of a passage (barometer, wind, sea, visibility, and the distance run), engine hours, fuel and water consumption, and since this is a Ports and Passes branded book, it also includes space for the tides and currents of the day.

At the back of the book is a worksheet for calculating tides and currents at secondary ports, maintenance log, fuel log, and tables for conversion of metric to US units.







Ports and passes Tide Book

"Ports and Passes" is a popular tide and current book encompassing the areas from Olympia to Prince Rupert.  This annual publication has quickly become a favourite among boaters in the Pacific Northwest.

Ports and Passes

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