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Fine Edge Productions was originally started by Don Douglass & Reanne Heminway-Douglass, early pioneers in mountain biking. Their original mountain biking trail guides were small booklets featuring some of the best rides for a given area. These books evolved with success into a full line of well regarded mountain biking books covering the best rides in Northern and Southern California by a full slate of authors well known in their respective areas. During the 1980’s, Don and Reanne, who formerly had extensive sailing experience in different parts of the world, purchased a displacement trawler and began to explore the waters of the Inside Passage from Tacoma up to Glacier Bay Alaska. They looked at the guidebooks available and felt that they could do a much better job using what they had learned creating best selling mountain biking guide books. They also saw opportunity as a number of beautiful cruising areas either had no guidebooks or were sparsely and poorly covered. Out of this the original Exploring series was born consisting of a series of six guidebooks covering the waters from San Diego, up the Pacific Coast, through British Columbia, to the cruising areas of Southeast Alaska. In addition, they added books covering the Marquesas in the South Pacific and a series of sea stories and an instructional book on GPS.

In 2002, they decided they wanted to spend more time traveling rather than running a publishing business. Mark Bunzel, a marketing and technology executive, previously a Managing Director in the Entertainment and Media Management Consulting practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and a marketing executive at Intel Corporation, was looking to re-locate to the Pacific Northwest, and this was an opportunity to leverage his business and publishing experience in a fun and exciting business. Mark had been boating in the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia and other well known cruising area around the world for over 20 years and had previously been involved in the multimedia publishing business as well as authoring books and magazine articles on various subjects.

Today, Fine Edge is one of the leading Nautical and Recreational publishers in the Western US with over 50 books and maps in its catalog. Its products are sold in national chain stores such as West Marine and REI as well as through nautical book stores, general book stores, and mountain biking shops. In 2004, Fine Edge acquired the US rights to co-publish the well know Dreamspeaker cruising guides by Anne & Laurence Yeadon-Jones together with Harbour Publishing in Canada. The Dreamspeaker line of cruising guides is now moving into its 6th guidebook covering the best cruising areas of British Columbia and the San Juan Islands.

Fine Edge also created the Nautical Knowledge Series starting with The Radar Book. This best seller, by Kevin Monahan, is now in its second revision and has been adopted by the State University of NY (SUNY) Maritime College, the US Power Squadron and the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary as their standard text for instruction on the operation of marine radar.

Fine Edge is expanding their reach with new guides and maps for the Caribbean starting with Exploring the Virgin Islands by Joe Russell and Mark Bunzel and a new companion planning map for the Virgin Islands. The Exploring the Virgin Islands book is being released in its second edition after quickly selling out of its first printing. It is the first new cruising guide for this area in 15 years. Users have remarked about its contemporary design and ease of use with its aerial photos and clear, and concise color diagrams.

Fine Edge’s goal is to continue to acquire, develop and release high quality books and maps for the nautical and recreational industries and develop informational products to market to its loyal customer base.


Ports and passes Tide Book

"Ports and Passes" is a popular tide and current book encompassing the areas from Olympia to Prince Rupert.  This annual publication has quickly become a favourite among boaters in the Pacific Northwest.

Ports and Passes

Fine Edge Nautical Publications

"Fine Edge Nautical Publications" is one of the leading Nautical and Recreational publishers in the Western US with over 50 books and maps in its catalog.

Fine Edge

Waggoner Cruising Guide

"Waggoner Cruising Guide" is the Northwest's best selling, most popular cruising guide. Cruisers call the Waggoner "the bible" for Northwest cruising.

waggoner Guide

Shipwrite Productions

"Shipwrite" has produced several books about the Pacific northwest and electronic navigation, including The Radar Book--Effective Navigation and Collision Avoidance 2nd Edition, which has been adopted by the United States Power Squadrons as its radar study guide.


maptech books & charts

Whether your passion is cruising, fishing, day-sailing, or anything else that involves getting from one place to another, Maptech helps make your time on the water more enjoyable and a whole lot easier.

Maptech Books & Charts

Pacific marine guides


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